Why Choose Goldfields?

We bring your plans to life

We are custom builders who can make your plans come to life or help you with our existing designs to create the home of your dreams.

Local team

We pride ourselves on our ability to employ locals and use local suppliers.

We are locals supporting locals.

Value for money

We source the best of the best locally which means we can source the best deals keeping costs low for you.

Fully inclusive Quotes

We get as much information about your plans, designs, and land to ensure our quotes are as inclusive as possible and have no hidden costs.

Our price is our price.

Quality craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and the quality of finishes. We nit-pick so you don’t have to! We only use the best trades to ensure your home is perfect!

Innovative design

Injecting your new home with personality and a respectful nod to the heritage of the Goldfields area and avoiding the standard cookie-cutter plans.

Completely custom

Being a completely custom we have the flexibility to deliver your exact vision without boundaries.

Heritage inspired

Goldfields and surrounds are renowned for our heritage protected and inspired building and we personally want to keep our history alive and so we specialise in heritage inspired building.

Inclusive inclusions

Our inclusions are simple, upfront and all-inclusive making it a no brainer for you!

Open & honest communication

You will receive fortnightly updates on your project from your supervisor and you are kept updated with all project progressions.

How we create the home of your dreams

From your initial consultation to the design and construction, our team aims to deliver the most communicative and personalised experience possible.